For a while I have used my other (more prominent) blog - Even a chimp can write code - to highlight various epiphanies, deductions and inferences I've drawn. Some of these were about software development and therefore appropriate given the slant of that blog. Others had tangential, if any, relationship with the spirit of that blog and turned out to be line noise (unfortunately) to its techie audience and aggregator services. A new blog was merited to catalog these entries. That brings you to this blog: Inference or anumaana in Sanskrit.

I don't plan to restrict myself any one topic here. But the ethic of this blog remains the same: There will always be questions that raise issues [thank you Kafka!]; questions that will raise further questions when first answers are given to them; questions that could seldom be answered simply by Yes or No; hypothetical questions that present suppositions -- the implications or consequences of which are to be examined; questions that are complex and have many related parts, to be taken up in an orderly manner.

Yes, inconvenient questions must be asked. Uncomfortable situations must be created. Ideas need to be thrown around. That's why we are here.